Posted by: Angie-la | October 4, 2011

Something New to Distract Me

Since my desire to read comes and goes these days I have developed a new time suck. Couponing and free samples.


It helps keep me occupied, because you know how I get when left unsupervised!  I actually look forward to seeing what new deals are out there daily!  And while i am never going to save a ton of money doing it, every .50 cents off a box od cereal or $1.00 off a tube of toothpaste adds up.

Besides, it keeps me off the streets and out of the bars.  And I like my new coupon blogging buddies.  They schmart, schmart cookies and know where to get the deals.

Well, gotta go. I just printed a butt-load of new coupons and those things don’t cut themselves.


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