Posted by: Angie-la | September 2, 2008


This was the last paper he ever wrote for school. It was written two days before he died. The ironic thing is, he forgot it that Friday morning and had to call his daddy to bring it to him.  It was the last time Mark saw him alive. This is what he wrote.

Ethan Thompson
Mrs. Sheppard
1st Block

My Life

 My name is Ethan Thompson and was born in Columbus, Ga. I have lived in Harris County all my life. I attended Park Elementary, Harris County Carver Middle School, and Harris County High School.

I’ve had a pretty average life thus far. I been involved with sports my entire life. I would consider myself a “natural” athlete. I’ve played football, baseball, and soccer and loved them all.

I’ve been involved in church my entire life and I’m a proud Christian. I currently attend The King’s Pasture Community Church in Hamilton. I serve under my youth pastor, Ben Ogletree, as a Student Leader. I also play guitar in the youth band.
 My family consists of: my father, Mark; my mother, Angie; and my brother, Zach. My brother is twenty and graduated from Harris County High with the class of 2006.
My talents include: sports, guitar, and talking to ladies. I’ve played guitar since I was nine years old. I played football for our varsity team last year and plan to play again next year.
 After high school I plan to attend the University of Georgia and perhaps pursue a career in the Medical or Teaching fields. I’ve always enjoyed helping people and working with kids.
 This summer I worked as a cashier at the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain. I really don’t like it there, much. But, I do get meet a lot of interesting people. I pretty much work all the time. I also hung out with my best friend James when I wasn’t working.

 My name is Ethan Thompson and I have an interesting job, I like sports, and I play music. I am a pretty easy-going guy and I like to find the good in things. I am really looking forward to this class!



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