Posted by: Angie-la | July 9, 2008


They say bad things come in threes. I think I have had my three bad things over the past few months.

First was Josh, then on July 2nd, my friend Candy was killed in a car accident.  She was only 36 years old.  That poor woman had a hard life and was finally getting to the point where she felt accepted and knew people loved her, regardless of her past.  Now that funeral was a study in contrasts.  Candy had old friends from her ‘past life’ that looked like they had stepped outside to burn a doobie before they came in for the service AND business owners in their Sunday best.  There were even a few in jeans and t-shirts.  If the deceased can see those left behind, Candy would have been surprised at the number of people there.  We were expecting 30 or 40 and over 150 people came to pay their respects.  Godspeed Candace Joy. You will be missed.

And today, my next-door neighbor (and one of my best friends m-i-l) passed away.  Not unexpected, but depressing nevertheless.

I am in serious need of some good news.  Someone….tell me something good.  Anything.


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